Officers of the Manchester Statistical Society

President Dr John Rigby
Vice-Presidents Peter Barnes, Norma Buckley, Tony Johnson, Marcia McCauley
Secretary Dr Fred Wheeler
Treasurer and Membership Secretary Philip Hulme
Meetings Secretary
Dr Robert Bragg
Honorary Webmaster
Christopher O'Brien
Editor of the Transactions
Members of the Campion Committee
Professor David Colman (Chairman), Marcia McCauley, Professor Michael Moran, Professor Bob Millward
Neil MacInnes
Council Members
Trish Bristow, Dr Ron Catlow, Mike Hanson, Dr Baron Isherwood,  Dr Keith Paver, Helen Thompson
Past Presidents serving on Council
John Acaster, Jonathan Aylen, Paul Berry, David Buckley, Dennis Carter, Prof. Luke Georghiou, Richard Harrington, Prof. Keith Julian, Dr Philip Lund, Prof. Stanley Metcalfe CBE, Alan Roughley,  Dr Stuart Thompson


President John Rigby

Dr John Rigby, President

John Rigby is the current President of the Manchester Statistical Society. He warmly welcomes you to the Society’s web pages and invites you take a look around the site. Do please investigate the Society’s programme of events for the forthcoming season.  Our annual programme of talks spans a very wide range of topics: economics, political science, health, education, environment, law, and technology.

If you are not a member of the Society, but wish to attend any of our meetings, you would be most welcome, please just email our Honorary Secretary and let them know you are intending to come. If you wish to know more about membership, please write to us at the following email address: 

Newcomers to the site might also be interested in some of the publications of the Society. Historic publications, going back to 1853, which provide a rich source of material on the economic and social conditions of the times, are held in the Manchester Central Library. More recent papers, from 1980 onwards, are listed on the 'publications' page and are available for purchase.

The Society is also a grant awarding body and supports research on topics that relate to the economy and society of the region. Please look at the Campion Fund pages on the web site where there is more information about our eligibility criteria for research proposals, and where there is also a link to an electronic application form.

Our monthly meetings and other activities provide excellent opportunities to meet and network with others interested in issues where statistics play a part.    

On behalf of Manchester Statistical Society, I look forward to welcoming you to our meetings.

Yours sincerely,

John Rigby

 For a list of the Presidents of the Society from its foundation in 1833 click here