Welcome! Our members all have one thing in common; a curiosity about current social and economic issues. This is reflected in recent programme topics that cover issues from fiscal policy to reform of the health service; from prisons to on-line politics; from epidemics to development in the North-West – a diverse range of subjects.

Members come from a variety of backgrounds including the professions, business, and education. The diversity of membership adds to the liveliness of the debate. Most members are local, but some travel considerable distances to attend meetings.

After each meeting has ended, for those members and guests who choose to stay, there is a dinner at which the speaker is the guest of the Society and further discussion on the topic of the day takes place. This also provides a chance to meet other members and guests.

Meetings mainly take place during the winter months and are held in the Cathedral Visitor Centre. This venue provides an ideal location for the meetings and is easy to reach by car and by public transport.

If you would like to see what a meeting is like or have any other enquiries, please e-mail the membership secretary - see the contacts page for details. We would be delighted to invite you along and welcome you to the Society.

Membership rates are as follows: ordinary membership is £35 a year; students and those aged 25 years or less pay £10 a year and corporate membership is available at £100 per year. There is also joint membership for those sharing a mailing address and there is a reduced rate for those living far from Manchester. There is a separate charge for the dinners.