Campion Grants


Every application should clearly demonstrate how it intends to further the objects of the Manchester Statistical Society, which are:

The collection of facts illustrative of the condition of society, the discussion of subjects of social and political economy (totally excluding party politics) and the dissemination as widely as practicable for the benefit of the community of the results of such collection and discussion.

For the purposes of grant awarding by the Campion Fund, the objectives include statistical analysis of contemporary Social and Political Economy issues relevant to Manchester and the North West of England. The objectives also extend to ensuring the preservation of historical sources of relevance.

Applications should be submitted electronically, and the Society’s response and any subsequent communication will be sent to the submitting email address. The Committee normally reviews applications on a quarterly basis.

The Society will appoint a Society member as a contact with successful applicants to maintain communication and report on progress. Successful applicants may be invited to present a paper on their findings to a meeting of the Society.

Manchester Statistical Society funding should be acknowledged when research results are published or are released to the media.

Any personal information that is received by Manchester Statistical Society will be used solely for the purpose of administering Campion Fund awards. The information may be seen by members of Manchester Statistical Society’s Campion Committee and external reviewers.


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