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A forum for the discussion of social and economic issues.

Are you interested in social and economic issues? In listening to expert speakers and having the opportunity to question them?
If so, the Manchester Statistical Society could suit you! We hold regular meetings, from autumn through to spring, on topical issues of concern to contemporary society and addressed by experts in the field. We cover a range of subjects, including health, education, transport, the economy, industry and finance, discussed free from party politics. Our meetings are not of a technical statistical nature but are designed for a generalist audience. New members are very welcome.
The meetings take place at 5.30pm in the Cathedral Visitors Centre, 10 Cateaton Street, Manchester M3 1SQ.
Members can, if they wish, stay for dinner with the speaker, which provides a further opportunity for informal discussion.
We publish written versions of the talks in the Society's Transactions, which are issued free to members.
The Society was founded in 1833 by a group of Mancunians concerned about the state of society as urbanization and industrialization developed, and they carried out research with a view to influencing government policy. It is one of the oldest statistical societies in the world. Find out more about our history here. Our meetings today continue the theme of discussing social and economic issues.
We also operate the Campion Fund, which has funding available to support small research projects.
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Recently added...

We are pleased to announce details of our attractive programme of meetings in 2016/17: please see the Meetings page.

Congratulations to Ms Madeha Nain, a mathematics graduate at the University of Manchester, who was awarded the A.H. Allman prize (as recommended by the University). Ms Nain, an honorary member of the Society for a year, is attending the annual dinner on May 4th as a guest of the Society.

The Society will have a stand at the Manchester Histories Festival at Manchester Town Hall on Saturday 11 June. Please do visit us! Details of the Festival at
Our next meeting
The next meeting of the Society is the final meeting of the 2015/16 session, at 5.30pm on Wednesday 4 May. It is at the Manchester Cathedral Visitor Centre, 10 Cateaton Street, Manchester, M3 1SQ. For a map, see here
This is the Annual General Meeting of the Society, to be followed at 6.30pm by dinner, with our after-dinner speaker being The Right Reverend Dr David Walker, Bishop of Manchester, whose talk is entitled, "Of mitres and matrices: research findings of a statistical bishop". The abstract of the talk is:

“As a bishop, I'm interested in who goes to church and why? I want to know what attracts churchgoers, what matters to them in their faith, and how their religion is linked to the ways they participate in the wider life of their local community. As a statistician, I want to be working with more than just anecdote. 

This talk is based on the findings of a number of research papers I have published in the academic press in recent years, using data gathered from three different surveys by myself or my research team colleagues. It looks at how people who practice religion are motivated, and what is different between regular churchgoers and those who attend occasionally. Religion remains, whether we accept its tenets or not, a very significant part of communal and public life. I hope this talk will help us to understand both religious practice and affiliation better.”

Born and raised in the Manchester area, David Walker is an old boy of The Manchester Grammar School. He went on to study mathematics and graduate as Second Wrangler from King's College, Cambridge. After 17 years in parish ministry in South Yorkshire, in 2000 David became the Church's youngest bishop at the age of 43, working in the Diocese of Worcester. In 2013 he returned home to be the 12th Bishop of Manchester since the diocese was founded in 1847. One of five "media bishops" David is a regular contributor to news and current affairs stories, whether religious or secular, for both commercial broadcasters and the BBC. 

Please note that this meeting takes place on a Wednesday.
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