Manchester Statistical Society



A forum for the discussion of social and economic issues.


The Society meets regularly during the winter months to hear an invited speaker give a talk on a topical issue. The talk is followed by a period of discussion and members are free to question and challenge the speaker. Afterwards, as a separate part of the evening, there is a dinner and those members and guests who choose to stay are able to continue discussion and argument with the speaker.
Written versions of the talk are normally published in the Society’s journal: the Transactions of the Manchester Statistical Society.
The Society is an influential forum where a wide range of topics of concern to contemporary society can be discussed, free from party politics.
The Society was founded in 1833 at a time when Manchester was expanding rapidly and faced great social problems. Few of the founders were statisticians in the modern sense, however they were keen to improve conditions for ordinary people and the work of the Society was influential in bringing about social reform in the 19th century. Find out more about our history here